Vale Jim Lynch
Date of Event St Patrick's Cricket Club Sutherland: Mon Feb 11, 2019 3:01PM

One of our beloved Life members passed away last week. Jim Lynch was instrumental in making St Pats what it is today. Jim was passionate about junior cricket in the Shire and was not only life member of St Pats, he was life member of SSJCA and Patron and Life member of the Umpires Association. Jim had attended the last 47 junior presentation days. His life will be celebrated with a Mass at  St Pats Church Sutherland this Wednesday at 10.30am followed by refreshments at Kirrawee bowling club.


From St Patrick's 50th year book

Jim Lynch

Jim Lynch moved from committeeman to become the 6th chairman of

St. Patrick's boys' cricket for the 1976/77 season. We are all aware that

in any group, there are mixtures of the individual personalities including

the straight-man. For those of us involved in cricket in the Sutherland

Shire, let there be no doubt, Jim is the straight-man. What you see is

what you get, it's straight down the line. No ifs or buts, just a ‘fair dinkum’

approach to the matters at hand.

For some 37 years now, Jim has been extremely hard working,

uncompromising, a stickler for the rules and regulations at hand,

whether it be our St. Pats Club; the Association (boys or men), umpires,

coaching or managing teams. During his 2 terms as cricket Chairman,

1976/77 to 1977/78 and then again in 1982/83, 41 teams with

467 players played in our club teams.

So good was Jim as a club administrator, that the boy's Association Secretary ‘head hunted’ Jim to become

Assistant Secretary. In addition to his club duties, you can measure his capacity to work hard for boy

cricketers in the shire as he combined Association commitments as well. After 2 years in that Association

role, Jim accepted the role of Competition Secretary. His involvement covered 2 periods, 1977/78 to 1981/82

(5 years) and 3 more years from 1985/86 to 1987/88. The workload in this role was almost equal to the

Secretary’s role, lots of time involved, great attention to detail, accurate recording and those involved had to

toe the line.

Following his decision to ease back, i.e. no official role in club or Association, Jim moved into the umpires’

ranks. A thankless role at the best of times but befitting a person like Jim. As we know, he's tough when the

going gets tough.

Life Memberships to the Boys Association in 1981 and to St. Patrick's Cricket Club are recognition of the

wonderful contribution made by one Jim Lynch. Jim was awarded the Australia 2000 Sports Medal for

services to Cricket in 2000.

Could the game of cricket ever repay people of Jim's calibre…...NEVER!

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